On the Shoulders of Giants
Pioneers of the Animals rights movement in their own words

This page was created as a tribute to the life and work of Professor Tom Regan, as a learning resource for those who are active in the animal rights movement, and also for all people who wish to understand the philosophy of animal rights and the ethics and principles of veganism and the obligations of justice and respect for others that these philosophies place upon us.

The page covers a range of topics related to justice in general and Animal Rights in particular. Most of the quotes are from Professor Regans ground breaking 1983 book “The Case for Animal Rights” as well as other interviews and talks spanning most of his career as an animal rights activist and philosopher. This page was compiled based on questions raised by interested people at the Vegan Education on the Go (VEGO) and Vegan Information Project (VIP) information outreach days, which happen every Sunday in Dublin, Ireland. Simply select a topic of interest from the dropdown menu, click 'Go' to get a relevant quote from Professor Regan.

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Professor Tom Regan

28 November 1938 - 17 February 2017

Professor Tom Regan was a dedicated animal rights campaigner and Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina (USA). During his more than thirty years on the faculty, he received numerous awards for excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching. He was named University Alumni Distinguished Professor, He published hundreds of professional papers and more than twenty books; won major international awards for film writing and direction; and presented hundreds of lectures throughout the United States and the world. In 2000, he received the William Quarles Holliday Medal, the highest honor NC State University can bestow on one of its faculty. He has written books and made documentaries on the subject of Animal rights and the use and exploitation of animals.